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Water House in steep mountain area

photo © Li Xiadong Atelier
The Water House, nestled at the base of Snow Mountain in Lijiang, China, is a simple home that celebrates the beauty of the nature surrounding it. Designed by Llixiaodong Atelier, the private residence was largely constructed with locally sourced materials by local tradesman to encourage their art and disciplines. Stone walls, pools of water, wooden screens, and clay roof tiles form the basis of the home, which blends into nature and makes the most of the area's climate.

photo © Li Xiadong Atelier
The old town of Lijiang was declared a UNESCO Heritage Site back in 1997 and is known for its orderly system of waterways and bridges. Cobblestone streets and over 350 bridges connect the city, which is woven with canals and waterways. In keeping with the traditions of the area, Llixiaodong designed a home that “synthesises traditional forms and techniques to make a contemporary building that resonates with place and history. and the surrounding landsc…

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